Do you really need a strong password?

HELL YES! Anyone that does not use strong passwords are pretty much leaving their keys outside their front door with a sign saying “no trespassers”.

To give you a real life scenario that I’ve encountered, I managed the IT infrastructure for a new customer. One employee decided to use a super, awesome password (password1) and his account was compromised. His user account was used to send thousands of spam emails originating from the organisation’s mail server. The organisation’s mail server was blacklisted and other companies (customers) would no longer accept email from this organisation. They were not able to invoice orders and lost tens of thousands of dollars worth of revenue because one users password was easily compromised.

Why do you need to use a strong password?

  • People post so much information about themselves online that interests, friends, parents, birthplace, email addresses are easily attainable if you search hard enough.
  • There are machines capable of cycling through 6.2 billion password combinations every second.
  • If you use the same password for multiple accounts, don’t! It might be easier to remember but if it’s compromised, consider these other accounts gone.

I can’t enforce this enough: always use strong passwords. Strong passwords should be comprised of a combination of numbers, letters (upper and lower case), symbols etc. You can get creative and use some common words but substitute letters for numbers or symbols. Here are examples of strong and weak passwords:

  • Strong: Th!5IS@$t0ngPW,S0!$thisOne%
  • Weak: password, password123, 123456, hello

Where possible, try use a random password generator such as this, this, or this.

Protect your information 🙂


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