Enabling multiuser in Reckon Accounts 2015 after an upgrade

Reckon Reckon’s gonna get a reckoning? So it’s end of the financial year here in Aus and that usually means updates to your accounting software (inventory, payroll, invoicing etc). Time to upgrade to Reckon Accounts 2015, piece of cake right? ….


After several painstaking hours trying to figure out why Reckon wouldn’t just “upgrade” and following the release notes to a tooth I was starting to really lose my mind.

Here’s my setup:

  • Reckon data file on file server (Server 2012 R2)
  • Front end client on Remote Desktop server published as a RemoteApp (Server 2012 R2)
  • File accessible from RemoteApp via mapped network drive (leveraging DFS)

I won’t bore you with the details of troubleshooting and I’ll get right to the answer. DFS… Reckon does not like DFS. As you may know Reckon uses a .nd config file that resides in the same directory as your company files and every time I tried opening the file via the mapped DFS drive or from within the software and attempted to enable multi user mode, BOOM, I get a H202 error and the .nd file would change the FilePath to the DFS path e.g. \\domain.local\dfs\reckon\file.qbw where as it needs to be the local path of the file server.

// This is QuickBooks configuration File. It exists while users are connected
// to a company file. Do not delete this file yourself. QuickBooks may not
// operate correctly IF you manually delete this file.
EngineName=QB_SAM _24

To regenerate what the .nd file should be, on your file server open the Reckon Database manager, add the folder of where your company file is and hit scan. The .nd file will update and have the correct location.

So what are the high level steps for getting this bad boy to work:

  • Install file server on file server.
  • Run the database scan (updates .nd file).
  • Install client on workstation/terminal server and any tax table updates.
  • Open file from terminal server using UNC \\fileserver\reckon. Note: Do NOT open using the mapped drive with DFS. This will not work.
  • Upgrade the file to the latest version.
  • Enable multiuser using file > switch to multi user mode.

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