Fortigate: Configure Interface Mode

Some of the SMB Fortigate units will have default settings that are good for the everyday user. But what if there’s more to life then an in built switch? What if we want to configure, respect and treat all interfaces as their own?

For anyone that has a Fortigate unit and does not want to use the internal switch (factory default), here are quick steps to configure interface mode i.e. all ports are treated as individual interfaces and will need to be configured appropriately:

1. Delete DHCP server entries

FG123456# conf sys dhcp server
FG123456# delete 1
FG123456# end

2. Delete default firewall policy

FG123456# conf firewall policy
FG123456# delete 1
FG123456# end

3. Enable interface mode

FG123456# conf system global
FG123456# set internal-switch-mode interface
FG123456# end

Done and dusted. Now get that config up and ready!

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